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How to Build a Startup by Steve Blank and Stanford Courses on Entrepreneurship

It sure looks like online courses have reached a tipping point and are spreading fast. Top universities are all making courses available online for free, making it more easy for anyone with an internet connection and a good command of the English language to receive training from the best. Thanks to a reader two more great initiatives that make knowledge available to the masses.

Now Steve Blank the highly successful serial entrepreneur, professor at Berkeley and writer of The Startup Owner’s Manual (Read it. Great book!) will teach you live how to build your own startup in an online course at Udacity, an online university.

Stanford has made some great courses available for free through their Venture Lab. Courses:

  • Technology Entrepreneurship
  • A Crash Course on Creativity
  • Finance
  • Designing A New Learning Environment
  • Startup Boards: Advanced Entrepreneurship