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Reshoring: Manufacturing and Services are moving back to Mature Markets

In the economist’s edition of this week, you can find a special report on outsourcing and offshoring, including two interesting articles on Manufacturing and Services. Thinking about the earlier posts on the Demise of Manufacturing this is yet another interesting development as mutual reinforcing multipliers (manufacturing attracts services and vice versa) previously discussed can stimulate job growth now in mature markets.

Screen shot 2013-01-16 at 1.00.16 AM

Source: McKinsey Global Institute

Services and Production Move Back to Mature Markets

The oversupply of qualified workers in mature markets in distress has a depressing impact on their salary expectations and governments are moving to make labor more flexible, countries like Portugal and Spain are becoming more attractive. Portugal for example is turning into a service hub for Brazil’s firms (it’s already a services provider, production hub and export portal to the booming markets of Angola and Mozambique). As Chinese and Brazilian laborers demand higher pay, this development could accelerate.

Services – The next big thing – Developed countries are beginning to take back service-industry jobs too

Production: Minimizing Supply Chain Risk and Vicinity to End Markets

However the labor cost arbitrage is becoming a less important driver for outsourcing decisions. Manufacturers want to be close to their end markets and minimize supply chain risks. New less expensive technology will make this increasingly possible.

Think of the decreasing costs of robots and 3D printing, which will further improve the labor costs per product and make local production more feasible. A German car manufacturer went from 75.000 assembly workers in the 90s to 25.000 nowadays, making labor costs per product lower than in Portugal for example, even though salaries are around 25% of German salaries.

On the long run, 3D printing will inevitably lead to even less labor intensive production processes and more local production. So despite business activity moving back to mature markets,  political challenges of keeping unemployment low won’t go away.

Reshoring manufacturing – Coming home – A growing number of American companies are moving their manufacturing back to the United States

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