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JPMorgan doomsday scenario revealed…

Just as JPMorgan Chase’s chief investment office was engaging in disastrous lossmaking trades, other parts of the bank were working out what would happen if it suffered a “catastrophic, idiosyncratic event”.

In March, Gregory Baer, deputy general counsel, presented a plan to policy makers and bankers to show the results of a hypothetical $50bn loss…

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  1. Matthias says:

    To put it into Dutch perspective:

    JP Morgan’s 2011 Equity: EUR 141 bn*
    Total Equity Dutch Banks**: EUR 117 bn

    Tier I capital JP Morgan: EUR 116 bn*
    Total Tier I capital Dutch Banks**: EUR 124 bn

    RWA JP Morgan: EUR 940 bn*
    Total RWA Dutch Banks**: EUR 1.014 bn

    Total assets: JP Morgan: EUR 1.694 bn*
    Total assets Dutch Banks**: EUR 2.832 bn

    *Exchange rate 0.77 USD/EUR (31 December 2011); Source: Oanda
    **Banks under supervision Dutch Central Bank; Source: DNB website

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